Traditional Chinese medicine
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Traditional Chinese medicine

In case certain problems cannot be dealt with by shiatsu only, I use the instruments of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am interested in looking for ways to solve problems. Ideally, I deal with them together with the patient in a holistic way.

I support shiatsu treatment with moxibustion in cases when the organism benefits from the application of warmth. It suits above all persons suffering from cold or stagnations from cold, which can manifest as various pains, weak digestion, menstrual problems, lack of energy, etc. Preventively, for tendencies to frequent colds, rheumatic pains aggravating with cold, water retention, infertility or impotence (if caused by cold).
Moxibustion forms part of traditional Chinese medicine as well as of shiatsu. Meridians are relaxed and acupuncture points activated by warmth going deep into the body. Thus, the vitality of energy is reestablished. Regular application for certain immuno-stimulation points has been used for centuries as a preventive method to strengthen the organism’s resilience.

Cupping is based on the effects of suction on subcutaneous tissues, produced by placing cups (glass or bamboo) of various sizes against the skin. Part of the skin and subcutis are sucked into the cup, causing gentle breaking of small veins with little blood and lymph discharge. Blood and oxygen are thus brought to the critical points and areas. Pores open, the body transports waste and toxic substances away through the lymphatic system, inducing active cleansing, which in turn improves the functioning of relevant organs. Just like shiatsu, it employs the relationship between acupuncture meridians and internal organs. I use cupping for muscle spasms, rheumatism, asthma, chronic fatigue, neck stiffness, weak blood circulation in the legs, digestive problems, congestion, to bring energy into flow or to cleanse the organism from the toxic sediments. 

Acabane test
This method is very efficient in determining the state of energy in the meridians. The test consists in heating up the points where meridians end or begin at the tips of fingers and toes. The response to heat provides information about which meridians are in the state of lack and which are in the state of energy surplus. The method serves to find out the immediate state of energy but also to balance it afterwards. When certain points related to the affected meridians are stimulated, internal energy movements in the body occur to balance it. It is a great way to preventively treat energy and to maintain its balance. And when energy is in balance, the person does not fall ill. 

Ear puncture
Acupuncture zones of the ear are the body’s most elaborate microsystem, suitable for diagnostics but also for treatment. Based on diagnostics as well as the patient’s subjective problems, I localise points related to the affected body parts or organs at the ear lobe. I stick vaccaria seeds to the points and the patient may (and should) stimulate them by pressure daily. Thus, the patient supports treatment by his/her own action.

Herbal treatment
Herbal treatment needs to be used for certain problems. It is suitable for replenishing the necessary missing components that establish the necessary yin and yang balance. I provide herbal formulas in the form of wans (herbal pills). They are of purely natural origin, not containing any chemical ingredients. This treatment does not suppress the symptoms but rather helps the organism to function like it did at the time of harmony before the illness occurred.

Most problems cannot be solved unless the patient changes their digestive habits. I provide my patients with dietary advice. People often cannot adjust to this information because they have no experience with certain foods. The principles are paradoxically very simple. Therefore, I also provide basic recipes in writing. I also organise healthy eating workshops for those who are interested.

I have worked with movement daily and continuously since my birth. However, I realise ever more every day how important movement is for the health of each of us. The energy in the human body cannot flow fluently unless the body moves regularly. If it does not flow fluently, it gets into disbalance and “opens the door” to pain and disease. Moreover, movement exercises, in which we can cultivate our inner energy, thus stimulating the self-healing mechanisms, are something we have received as a great bonus for our lives. We would be unwise not to use it. I recommend Qigong exercises to anyone feeling responsible for their own health and wanting to keep it in good condition by their own agency. I also recommend and show clients simple exercises, which they can use to support their treatment.