After four years of intensive searches we came upon an unique location, in the beautiful natural setting of the Eagle Mountains (Eastern Bohemia). This project is aimed to develop a centre embedded in rich Nature, where we could organize focused and comprehensive seminars and relaxation retreats. Thanks to this environment could open space for new quality of work and development. We want to live here, in harmony with Nature – build environmentally-friendly buildings, surrounded by a permaculture garden and using energy from renewable sources.

Accessibility of Pangea Centre
Although the place we found is very peaceful and specific – there are meadows and forests around and our neighbourhood have sheeps, goats and horses :-), our Centre is easily accessible (there is a direct bus line from/to Prague or Brno, to Prague or Wroclaw it is just 2 hours by car, to Brno 2,5 hours by car)

You can find us here 50.314586, 16.293129

Pictures of Pangea environment you can find here.

About Centre Pangea.

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Core activities at Pangea

Pangea activities will be focused on three main branches: art, personal development and health (alternative medicine). We will offer:
Dance and Art
- professional workshops for dancers, actors and singers
- creative workshops open for all levels of experience
- residencies and art researches
- performances and informal presentations

Shiatsu, Daoism, Personal development
- regular Shiatsu courses, with classes provided throughout the year and during the
  summer, within the framework of the SHIATSU SCHOOL
- Taoism courses, with classes offered throughout the year and during the summer,
  within the framework of the TAO SCHOOL (calligraphy, intuitive archery, I-Ching,
  Chinese medicine...)
- Qi-gong, Tai-chi and Yoga classes and workshops...
- meditation retreats
- celebration of traditional, natural high-points of the year (summer and winter
  solstice, spring and summer equinox, full moon)
- creative activities for children, summer dance, crafts and theatre schools for
  children, parents and children stays
- crafts workshops, bookbinding, ceramics, wind pipe making, candle-making,
  batik, paper-making, market for handmade products...

Shiatsu and acupuncture clinic
The Pangea Centre includes also a small shiatsu and acupuncture clinic. The clinic is already in operation. You can book your appointments via

Your help for Pangea
In order to make this vision come true we will need a lot of positive energy, flowing towards us from all of you who like this idea. We will also need lots of hands - people who would enjoy getting away from the city in order to come to help us here.
You are always welcome here! Simply write to us on

Thank you very much!
Dates and program of volunteer actions helping the Pangea Centre come true are constantly updated. You will find them