Dancing Shiatsu

Classes begin with exercises to stimulate and feel energy, followed by exercises supporting the energy flow along meridians. “Dancing shiatsu” itself means looking for new movement and new feeling in movement based on the knowledge about meridians and their relations; on the knowledge of the five elements theory, which can be transformed into movement in an interesting way. Basically, it is a class of “healing” dance improvisations, in which the body and mind discover new dimensions.

Hara in movement

I use hara (the body’s energy centre in the navel area) in my work every day as it represents its basic part. I do not begin any shiatsu treatment without connecting to my own hara. In movement, I use the hara energy to find real support in the Earth, while projecting my own energy into space.

Workshop contents:

- simple movement exercises enabling us to discover our
  own centre, its location, intensity and ability to
- exercises for individuals in space to discover the
  internal space of their own hara
- exercises in couples to develop communication with
  others through hara
- exercises to develop abilities to open up to the Earth
  through movement and to connect with her through
  one’s own earth centre
Letné kurzy shiatsu
meditačné centrum Rime Dzong/ Biele Karpaty/ Slovensko

• shiatsu - I.stupeň - 13.-18. júla 2010
shiatsu - II. stupeň - 4.-8. augusta 2010
shiatsu - III.stupeň - 9.-14. augusta 2010
Movement workshops using the knowledge of shiatsu in individual body practice.

For those wishing to feel the theory in their own body, to feel and move energy in their own meridians, to become aware of their yin and yang body parts and be able to use them, to use their own hara in movement for getting energy and grounding.

Do in

The Do in exercises combine “meridian stretching”, breathing, “Ki” energy exercises and self-massage. Practicing Do in regularly is a good way to maintain one’s health. The exercises have effects for any person, while also being important for therapists. Therapists can use them to look after their own body, provide it with treatment and massage and to diagnose the state of their own meridians. Moreover, these exercises enrich their ability to provide good shiatsu.
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