In 2018, Zuna’s first book, TAO the Way to Health, was published. The book quickly become a Slovak bestseller. Zuna shares there many of her experiences in applying the principles of Chinese medicine to everyday life. She processes them farther in other books and also cooperates on publishing other books on Taoist themes.


TAO, the Way to health (2018) is a clear guide to grasping the principles of Chinese medicine in everyday life and daily practice. The book has become a Slovak bestseller and remains a longseller. It is available in Slovak language only.

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Meridians_pathways of life (2020) is a practical and theoretical compendium of Qi and meridians. The book is very popular among students of acupuncture, shiatsu, yin yoga and other therapeutic methods. It has become the textbook of many schools of these educational disciplines, but it is also suitable for the laic. The book has become a Slovak bestseller. It is available in Slovak language only.

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Qigong as a Medicine (2021) introduces readers to the world of Qigong and its impact on health. It offers the opportunity to engage in the application of the principles of Chinese medicine in the form of exercise. It is also linked to video demonstrations on Zuna’s YouTube channel. The book is available in Slovak language only.

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Forthcoming books

The Tao of Movement – an exceptional book on applying the principles of Chinese medicine to the profession of a mover. The book provides valuable information on maintaining health in greater physical demands offering a description of the realm of internal organs through the lens of Chinese medicine.
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Wisdom of the body – after many years of experience working with the human body through dance, movement performance and improvisation, and after many years of studying body anatomy and the principles of Acupuncture, Qigong and Taiji Quan, Zuna and Milan have formed a compendium of their knowledge in this book. The Wisdom of the body will records their view of the fascinating connection between the world of the “western” anatomy of the human body and the “energetic anatomy” of the body according to Taoist philosophy. Their research for this book is ongoing in their seminars of the projects Dancing Qigong and Body Awakeness.

Several testimonies

Zuna introduces herself through her books as a great promoter of Taoism and Chinese medicine and as a long-time and experienced practitioner of Qigong and movement pedagogy. She has an extraordinary professional knowledge in Chinese medicine as well as in many areas of Western medicine, and has an exceptional ability to write and explain in an engaging and understandable manner. In this way, she is able to make this extremely rich subject accessible even to the laic, both theoretically and practically. Her books are written in an easy style, yet in a very professional and clear way.”
MUDr. Jozef Šmirala, an acupuncture and rehabilitation doctor, Slovakia

“Zuna’s books are amazing treasures that I include as ‘compulsory reading’ at our School of Chinese Dietetics. I am very grateful for this piece of work and we are glad to have Zuna here. ”
Monika Kampošová, Chinesse Dietetics School, Slovakia

 “I am a laic, but I am interested in these things. In books on Chinese medicine, it’s all too complicated for me.  Thanks to this book, I’ve finally been able to understand it.”
Norbert Knap, photographer, Slovakia

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