Zuna Vesan Kozánková, therapist, teacher

Zuna (1973) has danced all her life. She works as a dancer, dance teacher and choreographer www.artyci.com Intense work with her own body naturally brought her to movement therapy, where she works with the body on a different level as well. Since 2002, she has actively worked as a shiatsu therapist and teacher. She studied shiatsu at the Shiatsu Ki School in the Czech Republic. Since 2008, she has studied acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at the First School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Prague. She has studied and practiced taoism. She runs her own shiatsu practice in Bratislava and Salzburg and her own shiatsu school, consisting of two study modules: the introductory opening Summer Shiatsu School in Biele Karpaty in Slovakia and the deepening year-long Shiatsu in Five Energy Transformations school in Bratislava.

Apart from dancers and athletes, with whom she is in everyday contact, she also treats “ordinary” people in her shiatsu practice, who come with hurting spines, joints, digestive or feminine problems, who suffer from fatigue, stress… Her shiatsu is sought out by future or new mothers, people recovering from difficult medical treatments or people who want to relax thoroughly. She connects shiatsu with moxibustion, cupping or foot reflexology massage as needed, her treatment is also accompanied by dietary advice.

Since 1990, she has been teaching dance, anatomy and shiatsu at SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (Salzburg, Austria), Northern School of Contemporary Dance (Leeds, UK), TIP – School for Dance, Improvisation and Performance (Freiburgu, Germany) and she leads her year-long education in the Czech Republic. In her teaching practice, she focuses on understanding theory and its relations to practice, on the mutual interconnection of knowledge and intuition. There is the dimension of overall personal development in her courses. She naturally enriches the teaching with active physical Do in exercises, detoxication exercises and dietary information.


„Shiatsu with Zuna is an extraordinary experience. It is different from a massage or other kinds of bodywork because Zuna understands the importance of balance and harmony. While calming the muscles and relaxing the tense places in the body through her touch, her knowledge of anatomy and the Ki energy allow her to feel and work with places where trouble is occurring. By balancing and redistributing inner energy, she offers total transformation to clients. The body is not only calmed but also rejuvenated. That is why Zuna’s shiatsu is an exceptional and deep experience.”
Kate Matingly /Washington

„For a long tome, I have not experienced a workshop so full of expertise and knowledge which would run so spontaneously, naturally as if nothing was going on… It is great to be able to feel the energy changes in one’s own body as well as in the body of the other during treatment; and that we can help ourselves and others through love and connection. I would like to hereby thank Zuna for the wonderful time which we were able to spend under her leadership and I am very much looking forward to meeting again at next year’s workshop.”
Veronika Rinowski / Prague

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