In 2018, Zuna’s first book, TAO, the Way to Health, was published. It is a theoretical and practical manual for an active person who wants to live a healthy and meaningful life. The book presents the ideas of Taoist philosophy and Chinese medicine, which have followed the natural laws for thousands of years. It opens the ways how to tune to these laws and how to understand the body and the logic of its organ system. It shows how our body is affected by the development of energy that is associated with the seasons and emphasizes the understanding of the relationship between body and soul. It offers ways to realize that health does not mean to heal from a disease, but that health first of all means not to come to the point of getting a disease. The book invites the readers to perceive their health as the tremendous treasure for which we are responsible. Thanks to the book, you will understand the fundamental aspect of Taoist philosophy: the Qi energy, the yin-yang balance and their development into the concept of five phases of energy transformation (known as 5 elements), in which Qi evolves, circulates and regenerates. In the book, the author looks at everything a bit from an “eastern” point of view which less analyzes, but more observes and feels; less separates, but more interconnects; it focuses more on the process than on the outcome; it deals more with the cause than the consequence. The versatility of these ideas provides opportunities that can be applied not only to health, but also to work, relationships, cooking, etc.

The book has become a Slovak bestseller. It is available in Slovak only.

What does “western” doctor MUDr. Martina Hrošová say about the book?
„It is a unique on the Czech and Slovak market. An amazing and comprehensive book with instructions on how to be responsible for your health and how to be a doctor to yourself. The author has readily and comprehensively compiled knowledge from traditional Chinese medicine enriched with Taoist spiritual tradition and experience from her own therapeutic practice. As the only one on the Slovak market, she brilliantly managed to select from the quantum of information and procedures the ones that are beneficial and understandable for the reader. The book encourages the reader to examine his or her body, organs, and their connections with emotions and spiritual aspects, following the cyclical transformations of the nature and the universe. I recommend the book to everyone to have in their “home first aid kit”.“

Some readers references:
“I´m reading the book for the second time, and it is a toolkit of self-knowing. It should be a mandatory reading. “
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“I bought the book before flying abroad, and only the weight restriction of the luggage prevented me from taking it with me. But I was sorry to let it just lay on the shelf, so I gave it to my 70-year-old mother who barely knew about Chinese medicine. She read it in two days! She still draws info from it, and her first comment was, “It’s not only a book, it’s a coursebook. Everyone should learn this knowledge about him or herself!”

This book will be available in English, titled as The TAO of Movement.
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Preview of the book (in Slovak only)

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