„Shiatsu with Zuna is an extraordinary experience. It is different from a massage or other kinds of bodywork because Zuna understands the importance of balance and harmony. While calming the muscles and relaxing the tense places in the body through her touch, her knowledge of anatomy and the Ki energy allow her to feel and work with places where trouble is occurring. By balancing and redistributing inner energy, she offers total transformation to clients. The body is not only calmed but also rejuvenated. That is why Zuna’s shiatsu is an exceptional and deep experience.”
Kate Matingly/ ballet teacher and journalist/ Washington

“I have been getting shiatsu massages since my 4th month of pregnancy. I try to switch off as much as possible during therapy and to focus on myself and the baby. Even though I have no serious problems in my pregnancy, apart from the stress of every day life and work situations, this treatment is great relaxation and energy recharge for me. After treatment, I am leaving relaxed, satisfied and in a good mood. I draw on this feeling for several more days.”
Zuzana Navarová/ economist/ Bratislava

“For me, shiatsu is a way to get in touch with my own body. Its subtleness helps me be aware of deep internal connections in my body. It helps me to achieve the sense of the whole again. It is a method that heals my injuries, physical as well as mental. It is also a way to prevent these injuries. Shiatsu expands my range of movement in my body as well as in my mind. Besides, it helps me release tension, allows me to be here and now, not to judge myself.”
Jana Unmusig / dancer / Germany

„For a long tome, I have not experienced a workshop so full of expertise and knowledge which would run so spontaneously, naturally as if nothing was going on… It is great to be able to feel the energy changes in one’s own body as well as in the body of the other during treatment; and that we can help ourselves and others through love and connection. I would like to hereby thank Zuna for the wonderful time which we were able to spend under her leadership and I am very much looking forward to meeting again at next year’s workshop.
Veronika Rinowski/ dance teacher/ Prague

„I have been attending Zuna’s dance courses for two years and I am going for a third intensive shiatsu course this summer. It is difficult for me to speak separately just about the shiatsu courses because what is beautiful about Zuna’s classes is their totality and the connection of Traditional Chinese Medicine, shiatsu massage and dance movement. After her dance courses, I often have the feeling as if I had been getting a shiatsu massage through movement, and on the contrary, when I am giving shiatsu, my body relaxes, energy begins to flow all over my body and when it is finished, I feel stretched and charged with energy like after a well performed dance training. Thanks to Zuna for her great approach to passing on her knowledge and practical experience.”

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